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Get Your Dream Balcony Design

Frustrated by how time-consuming, expensive, and exhausting it is to get furniture for your balcony? We know you need furniture that is right-sized, functional, and stylish (minus the endless product scrolling and decision paralysis)! 

Our professional balcony design team specializes in finding you the perfect products for your space and usage needs. With a few clicks, we'll bring your design preferences to life with your personalized balcony design. 

How It Works

Dream Balcony Design Survey

1. Take our "Dream Balcony Design Quiz" to tell us about your space, usage needs, and style preferences.


2. At end of quiz, submit payment info for our design fee and let our design team get to work!

Let our design team get to work

3. Our professional design team will design your personalized balcony based off of your preferences and space.

4. A few days later, you get your personalized balcony design straight to your inbox

Design Review and Order

5. Review you balcony design, designer comments, and product links. You get to choose which products to order and set your final design and shipping preferences directly with each suggested retailer. 

6. Get your products shipped directly to your apartment, set up, and enjoy your new space!

Green Leaves

Design Guarantees

We work hard to create custom designs that inspire, delight, and make your life easy! We guarantee our designs:

  • Save you time!

  • Are personalized to your design survey inputs

  • Have your custom results back to the input email within 7 business days

For any designs not meeting these standards, we guarantee your money back!